Summer 2013 sewing inspiration

I had meant to take part in the Me Made May sewing challenge, but I’m just too slow. Like in the ‘it takes me 4 weeks to make a t-shirt’ kind of slow. Sad, right?

At the same time it’s always good to have goals, so I’ve set myself the challenge of sewing up some duds for summer. Some easy, others more challenging (shirt I am looking right at you).

summer sewing inspiration via Randomly Happy

See what you think. These are the things I’m hoping to make myself by the end of the summer.

Too ambitious? Not ambitious enough? Or have I just totally revealed that I know nothing about fashion, and will end up looking like a total wally?

Image credits:
1 / floral pencil skirt // 2/ easy summer dress // 3 / epic print shirt // 4 / aztec print mini skirt

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    I think it can be done 🙂 I really like those skirts!! And I know what you mean by "slow" it takes me up to three weeks making a pillow cushion 🙂

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    Nikki Banham-Hall

    I like the pencil skirt. Are you free any time soon for crafting?

    I have some ideas for some rings if you are interested?

    Nikki x

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    LOVE your inspiration pics! Can't wait to see your versions!

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    I don't think it's too ambitious. What I like about all these pieces is that they can transition into fall and winter. Okay maybe not the tropical print. Well, actually, I'd wear it in the dead of winter!

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