DIY maxi skirt inspiration

maxi dress inspiration

I’m feeling so inspired by our last project – the DIY maxi skirt (and the maternity version for those who want to be stylish with a bump) – that I’m super keen to keep going with the maxi trend.

This time I think we should tackle a maxi dress. Awesome, right?

Basically, they’re perfect for summer picnics and outdoor parties. Plus maxi dresses are super comfortable and easy to style (though am a bit of a dork and tend to keep it pretty minimal – am I the only one?)

So, what do you think? Would you be keen to make your own maxi dress? Or are you looking to DIY some other summer trend? As always – let me know in the comments section. Always keen to know what you think.

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Image credits: 1 sonnet james | 2 hush uk | 3 peach love shea

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    Oh yes! I'd love to make a maxi dress (or 5) for the summer. I am in the process of changing up my wardrobe and I'd love to incorporate more skirts and dresses in it.

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      Hooray! I love a good maxi dress.

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    MAXI DRESS pleeeaassseeee!

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