Let’s make the ultimate DIY t-shirt

How to sew the ultimate DIY t-shirt

Photo Credits // 1 / TOAST // 2 / Steven Alan // 3 / HEIST

Who doesn’t love a comfortable, flattering t-shirt? Something slouchy with a dip hem and softly rolled sleeves. Something like these t-shirts that have been lurking on my Pinterest sewing inspiration board.

So, starting next week, over the next 4 Tuesdays I’ll be talking you step-by-step through all you need to know to make your own top. Even if you’re a beginner. I’ll take you from a novice to a ninja.

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    Nikki Banham-Hall

    Slouchy? Dip Hem? 3/4 sleeves? You are talking about my perfect t-shirt! I am so going to be making this!

    Nikki x

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    Marie Frei

    Excellent timing!! I can't wait to do this. I collect fabric from my travels in Africa, and one in particular is perfect for a casual sleeveless top, I just know it! 🙂

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    I just stumbled onto your blog from a comment you left on Tilly and The Buttons. I love what you have going on girl – you rock!

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      Madalynne – are you kidding? You were one of the very first sewers I followed. Totally buzzing that you said that! Thanks so much.

      x Elena

      ps If you haven't checked out Madalynne's blog then you totally should http://www.madalynne.com/

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    floral and feather

    This sounds great! Looking forward to part one 🙂

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