A/W 2014 sewing inspiration

sewing a winter wardrobe

OK, so I’m probably cheating a little by not updating you on how my Autumn sewing inspiration went (note: not great) but I just really wanted to start fresh with some new projects.

Colour is going to be important (I don’t know what the weather’s been like where you are, but here in the UK it’s been pretty grey).

But the key factor is stretch. Heavenly, beautiful stretch. Which is all I’ve been craving from my clothes since December. I know I can’t be the only one craving comfort, can I?

fun sweater

I’m particularly in love with this sweater – how amazing are those colours?!? Anyone who can find a stretch fabric in this or a similar pattern will have my undying love forever!

Photo credits // 1 / gathered skirt // 2 / stretchy pencil skirt // 3 / fun sweater // 4 / peter pan collar

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    Zoe Blofeld

    Hey Elena, have you thought of fabric printing? I think it would be relatively easy I get hold of some knit fabric in the colour you want and then use fabric paint to print the random dots on it. Zoe


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      Great idea Zoe! I'll definitely keep that in mind!nthanks dor the inspiration clever lady.

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        e não dar bola para pessoas maldosas, ou então da exposição que pode gerar. Por isso mesmo parabenizo quem sabe fazer isso com ética e profissionalismo, sem deixar de se diriPter!ravabéns!

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    That jumper is gorgeous, hope you manage to find some fabric to make it. Fabric printing might be the way forward! x

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