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So summer seems to making a vvvvvery late appearance here in the UK (mega-bummer). But I thought it would be nice to share a recent little trip we took to Italy (because photos of ice cream never disappoint, right)?

I’m not going to lie guys, we really needed a break. A few days somewhere warm, with good food. And ice cream.

trieste italy travel blogger

So there was lots of happy dancing when we decided to take a few days and disappear. We managed to get ourselves over to Trieste in Italy. Lots of ice cream there. Hooray!

trieste italy travel blogger

Have you ever been? I’d been once before when I was little, but it was so much better than I expected.

And… I managed to wear something me-made everyday. A bit of early practice for this month’s Me-Made-May challenge (can you spy the hudson pants in the photo below? More on those later!)

Trieste was great for us – especially now that we have a bambino there’s a bit of a cap on where we can go (sadly, trekking the Andes or tropical beach-side cocktails are out for now).

It was easy to walk around. There’s the sea, beautiful buildings.

trieste italy travel blogger

We visited a lovely palace on the sea with great garden for exploring (seen in all those tropical-esque photos of the Hudsons!

trieste italy travel blogger

And the sunsets on the sea were unreal.

trieste italy travel blogger

As for my me-made trial, my fleet of plantains made it out (wearing it hear with a vintage skirt I raided from my mamma’s closet).

trieste italy travel blogger

And my trusty woven True Bias Hudson pants were insanely perfect for travelling.

This little trip was great – definitely helped us relax. Now we’re planning our next little trip – to Lisbon in a few weeks time!

What clothes are you planning for summer and summer holidays? And have you ever taken your handmade wardrobe on holiday? If so, how did it go?

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    Veronica Darling

    For beachside cocktails with a baby/toddler, I'd recommend Thailand! We went for a wedding last year and there's a lot of choices for parents who need a relax AND a hard earned drink. Plus, everyone in Asia LOVES children, so you never feel weird being out at all times of day with your child!

    Your plantain addiction has totally inspired me… got the pattern to print and will start next week! I particularly love your white one with the cream skirt of your mum's! It has such lovely sleeves and shaped neckline!

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      Oooo… Thailand sounds lovely. What a great idea.

      And yay to the plantains! The pattern is amazing. Let me know how you get on!

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    Looks blissful – hope things seem more cheery now post the ice creams and sun burst. Yes, I have had to take my handmade wardrobe away as it's MMMay and I've just returned from a school trip to Portugal. Thank goodness for the Sorbetto is all I can say!

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      Ooo… we're off to Portugal. I haven't made up any Sorbettos – I did make two Ella tanks by Liola designs. Hope they work just as well.

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    Lovely pics and sunshine, haven't turned my heating off yet in Cumbria! I'm afraid I stuck to Europe when my kids were young, so many fantastic places, particularly Holland.

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      Holand is lovely, but we're definitely ready for some sun!

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    Michelle | MYcreative

    Funny seeing 'my city' on another blog. Can't wait to catch up again soon.

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