Makes: 4th Trimester Basics {Collaboration Sewn with Hart}

Well I’ve been deep in hibernation mode lately. But, hey I guess winter plus the flu and being heavily pregnant will do that to you, eh?

And just to make things even more topsy-turvy – our little addition came early. So early that I literally had just packed much hospital bag before my waters broke!

So I guess it’s no surprise that making and blogging have taken a bit of a backseat.

But I really wanted to jump back out of my deep hibernation/newborn baby sleep deprivation to share with you two special makes. Now before you get all excited, these are not fancy makes with exotic fabrics.

They’re simple. Comfortable. And just about all I want to live in at the moment during this fourth trimester (aka the 3 months post-birth).

Basically I went with two of the best post-baby basics I could think of – a modified Hey June Union Street tee and a Megan Nielsen Jarrah top. Both in the snuggliest of knits c/o Hart Fabric.

Read on to find out a little more about these makes and the modifications I made to make each a bit more 4th trimester friendly.

Sewn with Hart

I made these in collaboration with Hart Fabric as part of their Sewn with Hart month.

I love the ethos behind it. Basically it’s an easy month of inspiration, and loving yourself through sewing.

And who can’t get behind that goal? 🙂

All the people who’ve been participating have been making things that make them feel good – fancy pjs or lander overalls (I mean, that alone has me swooning).

With a tough pregnancy I knew I wasn’t up to making anything too complicated. I also knew I wanted things for the 4th trimester that made me feel relaxed and hid all those extra bumps. So I ended up working on these two super-easy pieces to wear in the post-bambino period.

4th trimester basic 1: Hey June Union Street tee

The Union Street tee is probably my go-to tee pattern. I’ve made about three or four. Many not blogged, but you can see some here and here.

I love the fit of this tee and knew I wanted something a bit oversized to hide lumpy bits and make feeding access easier. And I loved the slubby, slouchy vibes this organic bamboo linen knit was throwing down.

I wasn’t sure what size to make at first, but some quick messaging with Adrianna helped me work out I was probably looking for a straight size L based on my bust measurements.

You might notice a few modifications. The side splits were a conscious choice to make the top more roomy. I just stopped sewing the side seams 20 cm up from the hem and then hemmed the side seams.

The centre front seam is from a bit of a sewing fail (or as I like to call it – a design decision). You see I stretched the top front out too much when basting the neckband. The only choice I could see was to sew up the centre front. It worked (phew!) but I am keen to master v-neck tees. Some day.

In the meantime I love how perfect this will be for layering. Feeling all the good vibes for this make.

4th trimester basic 2: Megan Nielsen Jarrah sweater

I kind of fell in love with this hemp knit (can you sense a bit of the eco vibes I was feeling when choosing these fabrics?) But I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to make with it. The drape is a bit too heavy for a tee.

After lots of thinking and insta stalking I settled on one of Megan Nielsen’s latest patterns – the Jarrah sweater. It looks comfortable but not too sloby.

I didn’t change anything apart from adding 3 inches at the lengthen/shorten here line. I’ve been told the top is a bit cropped – which is awesome, but maybe not for a 4th trimester belly.

And as a little added extra I added a pocket and some light machine embroidery. It’s subtle, but I love the little copper mamma. It makes me smile every time I put this on.

I’ve been wearing this lots as it’s perfect for wearing at home – not too hot, not too cold. And I’m looking forward to making some of the different versions. A definite classic.

Final Verdict

I’m really happy I had a chance to sew these two patterns. Post-baby bodies are just a huge minefield and I had a hard time after my first baby trying to find things to wear that made me feel like myself.

These two makes might not be the fanciest things I’ve ever made, but they fit my life right now. And that’s cool.

What I love most is the interesting fabrics. I’ve never sewn with hemp or linen jersey and I’ve got to say I really like the texture. Will definitely be experimenting more with these in the future.

Thanks Hart for letting me take part and giving me the space (and fabric) to sew my happiness.

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  • Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! Amazing you can squeeze in some sewing! I had planned on making a sleeveless knitted jarrah for the summer and your lengthened version has cemented my plans ;). Perfect for nursing too.

  • You look lovely! I also really like these shades of blue – I’ve been searching for the perfect blue knit fabric that I could use to recreate Dr. Ellie Sattler’s look from Jurassic Park (not for a costume, I just like her style!). These warm medium shades are perfect.

  • I actually love the center seam! I’ve got a few shirts from old navy that are a linen blend, and I’ve been desperately trying to find a pattern to replicate them. The union t-shirt looks like just the thing! Funny thing is, they have that same center seem down the back of the shirt 😊