My Story

To me living life more simply isn’t about rules or what’s trendy. It’s a process of filling your life with what brings joy.

Hi I’m Elle. Thanks for stopping by! Who am I? Well, a sewer for one. Slow fashion enthusiast. Simple living nerd. Travel junkie. Mamma. You know the drill 🙂

Here at Randomly Happy is where I share my passion for sewing and living life simply and creatively – with simplicity at the centre of all I do, be it travel and adventure, or my handmade wardrobe.

But, I didn’t start off thinking I would be where I am now.

It all started when I learned to sew in my early 20s. I didn’t get into sewing because it was trendy (honestly, it was just me and some old ladies in the haberdashery section of Liberty’s). I wasn’t even aware of slow fashion. Or minimalism. I was just tired of not being able to find what I wanted to wear in the shops.

Not a lofty start, eh?

But sewing quickly turned into a deep appreciation of the skill it takes to make things. I started to sew more mindfully and look into how I could live with a smaller wardrobe – one that was meaningful and gave me joy. That then turned into a curiosity about how my clothes is made, and how I could make better choices for people and the planet.

Along the way I started to apply what I’d learned about mindful sewing and simplifying my closet to so many aspects of my life – our house, parenting, travel.

I’m still discovering and learning, but I’m excited to be sharing the adventure with you. Above all I love sharing my process of creating and living with intention so you too can create a wardrobe/home/life you love.

So grab yourself a drink. Settle in. And let’s go on this simple living adventure together!