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I’m Elena, a maker and blogger living in the UK

On this blog I write about how to curate the perfect handmade wardrobe. I share makes from my evolving handmade wardrobe  and my process so you too can create a wardrobe you love.



To me the perfect wardrobe reflects your own personal style and makes you feel great. It’s not about rules or the latest trends, but a process of filling your life with clothes that bring your joy and make you feel excited about getting dressed in the mornings.
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You might want to get a feel for what Randomly Happy is all about by starting with one of these posts:

Once you’ve read those, why not dive into some handmade wardrobe inspiration? These are some good posts:

Or if you’re thinking of starting your own capsule wardrobe you’ll find these helpful:

And the Maker Capsule Wardrobe series walks you through how to plan your own capsule wardrobe, step by step with a handy workbook and links to lots of other resources. 

You can also keep up with my latest makes here.

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