Big bad list of UK + EU bra making supplies

List of top bra / lingerie making supplies in the UK and EU

So I’ve fallen deep into the rabbit hole of bra making and all the beautiful supplies it comes with.

And I’m not even sorry about it.

It started out with a longline Watson bra one lazy afternoon. Then it quickly escalated. I made another. Then some Watson briefs got made. Now I’m lining up my first underwire (well, after pattern testing the Sophie swimsuit) and. Am. Not. Looking. Back.

Here’s the thing. Bra making is definitely addictive. There are literally bizillions of options with elastics and fabrics and trims.

But it’s pretty darn hard to source materials easily available to the UK (you North American readers have no idea how jealous I am. Seriously).

So I wanted to put together a definitive guide to buying bra making supplies in the UK. Or as close to definitive as I could get.


In alphabetical order:

Cotton Reel Studio has a really nice collection of stretch lace and elastics.

English couture company is good for straight up bra fabrics in no-nonsense colours (beige, black, white). Free sample service too.

Elise Patterns has a good range of supplies, including elastics, fabrics, and some nice-looking kits.

Evie La Luve (Etsy) has pretty coloured fold over elastic, gorgeous lace, and beautiful findings. I’ve used these rose gold findings and they are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.

Fit 2 Sew has a good range of bra fabrics. Less colour choice than Bra-makers Supply (below), but competitively priced.

Holly Haberdashery (Ebay) has a really pretty selection of fancy elastics and trims. And I can’t wait to use this fancy elastic (so pretty).

Sewing Chest has probably the biggest selection I’ve seen. Fabrics, elastics, underwires, and all sorts of findings. H-U-G-E range of colour choices, especially for elastics.

Sewn Bristol – has a dedicated section on their website for lingerie supplies. Straight forward collection of notions (elastics, fasteners, powermesh) in the same colours like navy, grey, cherry and peach – which makes coordinating sets easy.

The Bra Shop (Etsy) and Stitch bubble (Ebay) run by the same person has a good range of interesting elastics, good quality stretch satin (for cups and bands) and denier (for stabilising cradles) and nice kits. I used this kit to make my first Watson.

The Pretty Lace Shop (Etsy) – has a small (but perfectly formed collection of lace). I’ve used this scallop lace in grey.


In alphabetical order:

BWare a really great range of supplies, from fabrics to notions. A wee bit pricey, but I think the quality is high

Kantjeboord has a range of elastics. I’ve heard their store is The. place to get lingerie supplies if you’re ever in Amsterdam.

Merckwaerdigh (Etsy) has unique kits, nice elastics (check the sale section), also lots of patterns

Studio Costura (Etsy) good for pretty kits and bra foam. A nice range of elastics.

Honorable mentions

(because I do love to stalk beautiful supplies…) 

Arte Crafts (Etsy) has a nice range of supplies (fabrics, linings, hook & eyes, underwires) and an insane collection of elastics.

Bra-Makers Supply has a good range of ‘proper’ bra fabrics like simplex, duplex, power net and stretch satin in a range of colours (matched using Pantone codes – clever).

Tailor Made (Etsy) is pretty much my dream lingerie supplies shop. Beautiful kits and findings in a great range of colours. Lush.

Measure Twice / Cut Once is based in Australia. I bought my first kit from her. She doesn’t have much, but what she does have is ace.

For a much more comprehensive list of North America suppliers, check out Orange Lingerie’s post bra making supplies.

List of top bra / lingerie making supplies in the UK and EU

I’d love to make sure this list is kept up-to-date, so do let me know if you know of any suppliers that I’ve missed!

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  • Amazing timing, after starting with two soft cup bras a few weeks ago I’m addicted! When I saw the new Cloth Habit pattern I brought it straight away. Finding lovely lingere bits here in the uk is quite hard though, I’ve ended up buying different bits from different places and hoping they matched (they didn’t!) maybe I should try a kit? I have ordered from a couple on the list but didn’t know about them all. I’d love to try a padded one too, its so exciting 🙂

  • That is a great list. I use a company called the Sewing Chest in the UK online. The website is not very attractive but the supplies have been very good and are a good value if you are beginner. They have an extensive sale range for getting materials for practising then you don’t feel bad when you are making toiles. Jo x

  • Ooh! Thank you so much for including us in your list! We’re looking to expand our range and update our website in the coming months 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in bra making. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and currently have a Cloth Habit ‘Harriet’ cut ready to go.

    • I really rate Cloth Habit. Her Watson is a great starter and the Harriet also looks great (it’s at the top of my to-sew pile!) and both come in a good range of sizes. Orange Lingerie is also really good. Hope that helps 😄

  • Thank you for listing my shop and for your kind words! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing your lingerie makes! It’s always so exciting when fellow sewists take up bra making and realize just how doable bra making really is!

  • Im starting an underwear Boutique in a few months times. Needing reputable suppliers that make good quality lingerie and intimate clothing for both men and women.

  • This is great, thanks for sharing 😊 I’m currently considering getting started after seeing some nice bra patterns around and wondered where I would get the supplies I need 😊 I googled “bra making supplies” and up popped your blog! I do love w good blog so thank you and I will certainly look into it more. Your list is really helpful 🙏🏻 😊

  • I can wholeheartedly recommend Fit 2 Sew for a good range of Bra Makers Supply kits and excellent patterns by Pin Up Girls. They also run great classes for fitting and making your own bra, which expands on Beverley Johnsons (the Fairy Bra Mother as she is called!) classes on Craftsy.

  • Who stock pre formed cup for H or J and under wires in that size. I am trying to make or find a front fastening racer back Strong supporting bra..please help