Capsule wardrobe tour, summer edition

You guys know me – I’m a giant capsule wardrobe nerd.

For so long my closet was a dumping ground for clothes that brought me no joy. But that’s been changing since I started learning more about minimalism, living with less, and how to curate a more thoughtful, grounded wardrobe.

I’m so glad you guys let me share that adventure with you so today I wanted to throw open the doors to my closet and let you in.

Right, you ready? πŸ˜„

Quick and dirty overview

So all in all I have 32 items in my closet. This breaks down to:

  • 7 tops (including 2 camis, 1 long sleeve top, 1 button down)
  • 1 sweater
  • 3 skirts (1 mini, 2 midi)
  • 5 other bottoms (including 1 pair of shorts, 2 jeans)
  • 6 dresses (including 1 knit shift dress that doubles up as a sweater)
  • 1 jumpsuit
  • 3 jackets (including 1 waterproof and one blazer)
  • 1 bag
  • 5 pairs of shoes (including canvas sneakers, 2 sandals, a pair of huraches, and a pair of leopard pumps).

I know, it’s pretty shockingly small isn’t it? To be fair I have more clothes than this. My winter clothes is currently stored away until autumn. I also haven’t counted my pjs or workout clothes that live in a separate drawer.

But essentially this is what I wear on a day to day basis. Of these 15 are me-mades, 7 are second hand, and 8 were bought new.

It’s been a slow process paring down, editing some more and swapping out (more on that here), but I’m pretty chuffed with where I’ve ended up at the moment.

Let’s take a closer look at some key pieces.

Building a capsule wardrobe without going crazy! A look inside my closet with a review of best pieces and thoughts on curating a more thoughtful wardrobe.

My favourite

Hands down my linen tee makes it to the top of the list. It’s smart and pulled together, but effortless and relaxed. Plus it fits great. And linen just has to be my new favourite material.

I wear this a lot untucked with jeans or skirts in my down time, or tucked into a pencil skirt or layered under a blazer for work.

I think it’s such a favourite because it’s a solid team player which is hands down my top trick for getting a capsule wardrobe that works – you can read more here.

And if you’re interested in the details of the me you can find out more here.

Building a capsule wardrobe without going crazy! A look inside my closet with a review of best pieces and thoughts on curating a more thoughtful wardrobe.

most wornΒ 

Maybe it’s because I only have one sweater in my current rotation, but this has to be one of my most worn items. It’s an odd trapeze shape that I would never have thought would suit me, but it works really well with the other shapes in my wardrobe.


Plus it makes me feel like a super cool chick when I wear it, so extra bonus points.

I generally wear this on weekends as it’s a bit too casual for the office. And it’s a second hand score so extra sustainability bonus points for me!


Building a capsule wardrobe without going crazy! A look inside my closet with a review of best pieces and thoughts on curating a more thoughtful wardrobe.

Most versatile

I would never have imagined that a jumpsuit would be my most versatile piece, but it really is. Plus it’s easy to wear and instantly, effortlessly cool.

I can wear it layered under a top which makes it look like I’m wearing a groovy pair of culottes. Or I can layer something under and look a bit more 90s hipster.


I’ll be sharing all the details of this particular make in my next blog post so be sure to keep an eye out for it. Trust me, if you’re a sewer, you’re going to want to know how to make this.

Unlikely hero

It’s kinda odd that this vintage dress is my choice for unlikely hero. Mostly because I didn’t think this was really my style anymore.

Or so I thought.

My lovely mother-in-law bought this for me after we saw it outside a charity shop. And while it’s not something I thought I would get much wear from it turns out it’s a great summer dress.

The colours work with everything in my wardrobe (oddly because I don’t own anything peach or pink) and it layers beautifully under other tops. I’ve worn it layered under a knit shift dress (which I knotted to make into more of a sweater) and just as is (and photographed the heck out of it in France).

Plus the flounce on the skirt is perfect. And as much as I love a loose dress, you can’t beat a good flounce.

Missing pieces

I’m actually pretty happy with my 32 pieces, but I definitely think there’s room for improvement.

I’d like to swap over a few pieces to keep things interesting – a lot of these pieces have been in rotation all year and need a rest.

Here’s the current plan:

  • Culottes in a stripy linen
  • A summery shirt dress that can also double as a duster
  • A simple linen midi skirt
  • A white cami

Obviously you’ll be kept up-to-date with how things progress πŸ˜„ but I wanted to give you a look at how things are fairing.

Your turn

I’d also love to take a peek into more wardrobes. It’s so fascinating, isn’t it? What people love to wear and how much (or how little) they have to work with. If you’re ever keen to share let me know – I’d be all over that!

Building a capsule wardrobe without going crazy! A look inside my closet with a review of best pieces and thoughts on curating a more thoughtful wardrobe.

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  • Thank you for pulling this altogether for our perusal and inspiration Elena! That WAS interesting. I think the most interesting part of it for me was reading how surprised you were by the pieces that ended up being such key and well loved pieces for you. I have all my seasons in my closet which I share with my husband so in truth my wardrobe by necessity has shrunk a lot since we moved to this place almost 4 years ago. I used to change my closet twice a year – which was good too because it meant I would also shrink it twice yearly! I now have to take time each season to sort through what I want to keep, donate and toss I know what’s in there too – I still have to cull some pants.

    • Wow – sounds like you’re well ahead of the curve. Are you heading towards a capsule wardrobe or are you already there (if so send tips!)

  • This is great! I love seeing other people’s actual wardrobes, and hearing about how they work. When you think about clothes this much, it’s a given! I am looking forward to your jumpsuit post, as I have 2 woven jumpsuits that I love (one very versatile, one more of a statement) and I am always looking at ways to wear them/patterns for different styles. Really enjoy your posts – thanks!

    • Thanks Chloe! Glad my ramblings haven’t been a total bore 😌 My jumpsuit post is up now if you fancy a read πŸ˜‹

  • A brilliant post as usual! Everything you write is so well thought through. I’d definitely like more of these posts where you point out the team players, most versatile garment etc. Thank you!

    • Thanks! I’m definitely feeling like there’s more to share so am planning some more capsule wardrobe goodness soon πŸ˜‹

    • Thanks so much Kelly – what kind things to say. I’m definitely in danger of overthinking my wardrobe πŸ˜„ but I hope that’s interesting for people to read