Sewing with prettier insides + custom woven labels {collaboration}

Hi guys! Long time no see right? You must have thought I’d disappeared into a black hole of despair after my peasant top kunundrum. But no, I’ve just been moving and holidaying and getting my sew on behind the scenes with a few (very fun) upcoming projects.

OK so cards on the table – who else is less than great at getting perfection in their creations?

It can’t be just me. Can it?

All I know is that I’m 100% rubbish at decently finishing any of my makes. Turn any of my handmade wardrobe items inside out and it’s a pretty raged view. Wobbly hems, wonky seams, snarled thread. Not good.

Prettier insides is definitely one of my key goals in sewing at the moment. So you can imagine how chuffed I was to have these beauties land on my doormat.

Nominette custom woven labels

Hello colour.

The labels come via – a Belgium label company. They asked me to try their custom woven labels and I’ve got to be honest I sure am impressed with the results.

Sure the neon green is hardly subtle, but check out that pop of colour.

Nominette custom woven labels Nominette custom woven labels
Nominette custom woven labels


These labels make me want to be one of those awesome people that finishes insides properly. Like a grown up.

I hate scratchy labels, but I’m happy to report that these are really nice and not at all a bother. The website is also really easy to use. I made a custom image using photoshop, but I you can use the online editing tools to create a simple text design too.

Nominette custom woven labels Nominette custom woven labels

I’m now furiously sewing these labels into all my makes, which has turned a previously tedious task into something much more pleasant. And I’m making plans for the innards of my future makes to be much more presentable – wobble, wonk and snarl free (lofty goal, eh?)

So, if you’re searching around for some new labels for yourself, or looking for a pretty awesome gift for a fellow sewer I’d highly recommend you take a wander over to the website and take a peek.

The labels in this post were kindly provided by (because they’re nice like that). All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Fact. 

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