DIY Pattern: how to make your own easy maternity maxi skirt

 So today I thought I’d put a wee spin on the awesome maxi skirt we’ve been making. I swapped out the simple 5 minute waistband from the last maxi skirt post and put in a larger band made of stretchy fabric.

How to make your own beautiful DIY maternity maxi skirt. | Randomly Happy

It’s like a classic yoga band. I know you might be skeptical, but it holds everything up nicely a-n-d is super comfortable. Win.

How to make your own beautiful maternity maxi skirt. | Randomly Happy

I’ve called this a maternity maxi skirt, but really you could wear this if you weren’t pregnant. It’s soooooo comfy. And the good news is that just as easy as the simple 5 minute waistband. Hooray.

DIY maternity maxi skirt tutorial

How to make your own beautiful maternity maxi skirt | Randomly Happy

Just in time for simple spring/summer dressing, right? And thank you kind British climate for letting me break out my summer hat and sandals (hey, even if it’s just for wearing in the back garden I’m still happy).

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6 steps to adding a simple maternity Friendly waistband to any maxi skirt

If you’re looking for a maxi skirt pattern, you can start here with my post on how to (painlessly) draft your own maxi skirt and sewing up a maxi skirt (with pockets) like a pro.

You will need:

maxi skirt from above

1/2 metre (or 1/2 yard) stretchy fabric that matches your skirt

sewing machine



6 steps to adding a simple maternity freindly waistband to any maxi skirt | Randomly Happy

1. Cut a rectangle that’s twice as wide as your waist measure and about 50 cm tall. You can make this taller if you have a large bump, or smaller if you just want a thin band.

Make sure the stretch of the fabric is running from side to side – across the stomach.

2. Fold the fabric in half so that the two long ends are touching. Right sides should be together. Sew along the long bottom edge (the opposite end to the fold) using a serger or small zigzag stitch (I had my machine on zigzag set to 1). Use a 1 cm seam allowance.

Turn inside out so the right side is facing out. You should have a long tube of fabric that is open on two sides.

3. Fold the tube in half so the length is halved and the two short ends of the tube are together. Sew using a 1 cm seam allowance.

You should now have a circle of elastic – that’s your waistband.

4. Place the waistband over the skirt. The wrong side of the waistband should be against the right side of the skirt.

Sew along the top of the skirt and waistband using a 1 cm seam allowance.

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