Simple sewing for babies: 5 super sweet makes

Simple sewing for babies: 5 super sweet makes.
Simple sewing for babies: 5 super sweet makes. Seen here Wiksten Bloomers and a modified Purl Soho baby sunbonnet.
Simple sewing for babies: 5 super sweet makes.

I’m so excited to share this post with you. Because I had absolutely zero energy during my pregnancy, I basically spent the whole 9 months looking wistfully at Pinterest images of sweet things I wanted to sew.

Fast forward a few months and I finally got my energy back. So of course I’ve been sewing up a fleet of sweet little makes for our littlest – including a few bits of clothes and some toys.

But before you think I’m some sort of sewing wizard, these are all super simple to make. My brain is slow at the best of times, so finding things that were sweet AND easy to make was definitely top of my list.

So here’s my current favourite simple and sweet makes for baby. Easy and best of all, because they’re so small – don’t take much time or resources.

Let’s dive in.

A sweet baby bonnet

Simple sewing for babies: 5 super sweet makes. Seen here Purl Soho baby sunbonnet (modified) and a teething ring.
Simple sewing for babies: 5 super sweet makes. Seen here Purl Soho baby sunbonnet (modified) and a teething ring.

I’ve had an obsession with baby bonnets for a while now. There’s just something so wholesome about them, isn’t there? Or maybe it’s that they make babies look like little synchronised swimmers. Whatever it is I love them.

This pattern started life as the excellent (and free) baby sunbonnet pattern from Purl Soho. I made a few mods, including removing the sun shade/visor section, making it reversible, and finishing the edges with bias binding.

You guys seem to love it too (based on the requests for the hack in my Instagram post). So I’ll be sure to include a tutorial soon. It was a super easy make and my little guy looks so smashing in it – especially the liberty print side!

A Simple Teething Ring

Such a super straightforward make.

I made this on a whim after seeing how attached Viggo was to an scrappy piece of muslin I had tied around a wooden ring. Figured it was time I made him a proper one seeing how much he loved gnawing on it. And how embarrassed I was taking it out of the house!

It’s basically involves cutting two fabric rectangles with two pointed ends. Sewing those (right sides) together and turning them out before tying them around a ring with a lark knot.


I know Stof and Still have a free pattern for this. Just in case you want some guidance (they actually have a LOT of amazing baby patterns – a lot of them free).

Honestly though, this is super easy and a perfect place to start if your a beginner, or just want to ease yourself into sewing after a break.

A Lovey / Comforter

Simple sewing for babies: 5 super sweet makes.

I’ll be honest, I made this up on a whim after seeing how much Viggo likes putting muslins in his mouth (what a weirdo 😁)

I didn’t follow a pattern, but it’s as basic as basic can get. Take two squares, sew them right sides together, adding a head, hands and feet sandwiched in between the two squares of fabric. Turn it out, embroider on a sweet little face and Bob’s your uncle.

It only took one 30 minute nap time, so super easy (though embroidering the eyes and nose took longer – for some reason that just took me a long time to get right)

I also know Stoff and Stil have a pattern for something similar in case the idea of winging it is a downer.

It’s so simple and one of Viggo’s favourites. I think it’s that face. Awww. 😁

Wiksten Bloomers and Pants

Simple sewing for babies: 5 super sweet makes. Seen here Wiksten baby bloomers in Nani Iro double gauze.
Simple sewing for babies: 5 super sweet makes. Seen here Wiksten baby pants in Fabric Store linen.

I think these were probably the first thing I made for Viggo after he was born. The pattern is the Wiksten bloomers and pants pattern. And, guys, it’s pretty much the best pattern I’ve found for covering those cute little baby bums.

I’ve already made 4 with a few variations, including this faux button placket pair above (in orange linen) which I think are particularly fetching.

Beautifully drafted. Super simple (there’s only one piece for each leg). With lots of potential for hacking.

It’s a serious contender for my favourite baby pattern.

A Keepsake Fox

Simple sewing for babies: 5 super sweet makes. Seen here Willowynn fox toy in felt.

OK, so this is probably the most complicated of all the makes in this list, but it’s cute, no? (even cuter if you see the photo with his eyes and nose finished 😁)

I made it since we started reading our eldest his first chapter book – Fantastic Mr Fox. Ok, so technically, this wasn’t a make for the baby. But I wanted Aurelio to have something for his own to cuddle after the fire*. Plus it easily could be made for a baby.

I made it using the fox and wolf pattern from Willowynn. I wanted to make a toy that looked, well, like a toy, and not something super basic I would make in a beginner sewing class.

That said, for as un-basic as it looks, it’s a pretty easy pattern. Probably the most daunting task was adding the seam allowance to the small pattern pieces.

I made it in felt which I think was a good call since I didn’t need to worry about the edges fraying (key with such small seam allowances!) Though it is starting to bauble a bit (bummer!) so I’m tempted to make it again in the same orange linen I used for the Wiksten bloomers. Because if your baby’s clothes don’t match their toys then what’s the point in sewing, right? 😁

If you’re keen to make your own stuffed toy, but think this looks a little daunting there’s my super simple toy bunny DIY from a few years back. Just don’t cringe too much with the photos, OK?

So there we go. A hit list of 5 super sweet baby sews you can make without breaking into a sweat.

Do you have any sweet baby makes you would add to this list? If so, leave a comment below so we can spread the easy sewing vibes 😏

*if you can’t follow along on social media you may not have heard that back in February our neighbour’s house caught fire and some of it spread to our house. We were lucky – no one was hurt and most of our stuff was undamaged. Sadly though, all the stuffed animals that we had collected and made/had made could no longer be used. Obviously super sad, but we’re trying to build up our babies collections again.

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