My Wardrobe Experiment

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A meaningful wardrobe can mean a lot of different things to different people. For me it’s about slowly building a capsule wardrobe, making most of my wardrobe myself, and thrifting or making ethical choices when I need to buy something new.


It’s pretty simple really, I like reaching into my (very small) closet and putting on something well-made, well-loved and that has a history. Something that I know will be a good friend for a long time.

This means I’ve chosen to live with a smaller wardrobe than maybe I’ve been used to in the past.

Sure, my reduced closet can be limiting. I don’t always have the ‘perfect’┬ádress/top/trousers to wear. Sometimes I miss that rush of having something new to wear. But those feelings soon pass and I’m left with those few things that really matter: a small, meaningful wardrobe.


For me the perfect wardrobe is not about rules or even about nailing the perfect style.

For me it’s about three main goals:

  • Creating a capsule wardrobe
  • Making a killer handmade wardrobe
  • Learning about slow fashion

Here are some of my favourite posts. Because sharing is caring, right?

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