5 killer tips to help you build a more meaningful wardrobe

5 killer tips to help you build a more meaningful wardrobe | Randomly Happy

Last week I told you about how I’ve been working towards building a better capsule wardrobe. Full of clothes that look awesome and make me happy (you can read the post here).

I promised you some juicy details on how you can create a more meaningful wardrobe and here they are:

5 killer tips to building a more meaningful wardrobe.

1. Find your style.

Sarai over at Colette Patterns first got me started on the idea of creating a more meaningful wardrobe – she has a whole wardrobe architect on how to find your own style.

It’s a bit involved. The course is 14 weeks long and involves you going through shapes and colours and key words. It’s a REALLY interesting exercise. It really helped me narrow down my favourites to a few key looks – basically chambray + skinny jeans 🙂

2. Be realistic.

Now, I love me a good pencil skirt (like the one I made here). But if I’m being honest, I’m not going to get much wear out of pencil skirts right now what with running after our bambino. Now am I?

So I need to be much more realistic about what I will honestly wear. Which means pencil skirts are out (sad emoji) and practical tops and trousers are in. This had me feeling a bit bummed out if I’m honest, but I did find Mandi’s post over at Making Nice in the Midwest really helpful about being realistic about personal style.

3. Do your research.

All good creative adventures start with collecting ideas, right? Well a wardrobe is no different. You want to gather as many ideas as possible You can always whittle them down later. So go to town. Grab anything that sparks your interest and make a note of it. Use Pinterest, magazines, and newspapers for inspiration.

Doing your research and collecting ideas can help you refine your favourite clothing and looks. Pinterest is obviously a great way of storing your ideas (here’s my Pinterest board – if you’re feeling nosey).

4. Have a clear out.

You can’t have a meaningful wardrobe if your closet is full of ill-fitting clothes that are well past their sell-by-date. So you need to have a clear out and be brutal.

You know the drill – get rid of anything that you haven’t worn for ages or that doesn’t quite fit with your style. We all have those impulse buys that sit in our closet and gather dust. Trust me. They are holding you back. Toss ’em. Or at the very least, pack them away so you can prove to yourself that you won’t miss them.

Into Mind (a brilliant website by the way) has a great closet detox cheat sheet.

5. Make a list.

I am the WORST at impulse buying. I can convince myself that I really need that neon cat print shirt. It will go with everything, right? Well, no.

So to re-populate my wardrobe with meaningful pieces I’ve been using Google Docs to create a list of a few key pieces that I need. It helps me keep on track. You could easily use a good old fashioned list on paper or recorded in your phone.

Because I want to make quite a few of my own clothes I also made a list of patterns and fabrics.


Phew! Get to the end? Well done. You’re ready to go forth and create a more meaningful wardrobe.

And be sure to share your journey with us all here in the comments section by linking to your blogs/feeds/accounts.

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