Makes: a denim Inari tee dress

denim Inari tee dress Named Clothing

So, I’ve been quietly stalking all of the new Named Clothing patterns. And basically dreaming of the awesome new wardrobe I would make with their patterns.

After seeing Emily’s awesome chambray Inari tee dress it was game over. This dress had to be in my closet.

denim Inari tee dress Named Clothing

And what a solid choice.

Guys, the drafting is impeccable. The dress is cocoon shaped with side seams that curve to the front. Pretty tricky to get the proportions right, but the people at Named Clothing nailed it.

denim Inari tee dress Named Clothing

Then just look at those sweet cuffs…

denim Inari tee dress Named Clothing

And the high-low split hem… amazing.

Full disclosure – there’s no seam allowance in the pattern so you have to add that in yourself. I find that kinda crackers to be honest – who wants to spend their time adding seam allowances? Not me.

denim Inari tee dress Named Clothing

But all is forgiven. This is a dawdle to sew up – everything from the cuffs to the sleeves were super easy to assemble. And quick too. I managed to get it all done and dusted in a few hours.

I’ve put all the juicy sewing details below in case you’re geeky and into that kinda thing (heck, I know I am).

So you can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be making a fleet of these beauties. Think how perfect these will be for summer (with clogs, obviously). Awesome town.

denim Inari tee dress Named Clothing

I guess the only problem now is finding the right fabric. Something drapey with a bit of structure. Maybe some bark cloth (or too weird)? What would you make it in?

denim Inari tee dress Named Clothing

p.s. Have you seen the awesome Alexandria trousers (from the same collection) that Rachael made?

Pattern: the Inari Tee Dress pattern from Named Clothing – a really lovely 2-in-1 pattern (you can also make a crop tee from the same pattern).

Fabric:  a medium weight denim I bought from Saeed’s at Walthamstow Market. It’s got a lovely slubby texture and has a nice, soft drape.

What changes did you make to the pattern or construction?

I cut a straight uk 10. And followed the instructions and the whole thing came together beautifully.

The only change I made was hem 5 cm instead of the suggested 3 cm (can’t help being a shortie!)

What would you do differently next time?

Next time I might be tempted to go down a size just to see what the effect is. I know it’s supposed to be loose and baggy, but maybe a slightly more fitted shape at the shoulders would be quite fun.

I’ve already got my eyes on a delicious coral crepe fabric, but maybe some bark cloth would be pretty cool. I’m also tempted to try the crop tee version of this dress.

Heck, let’s just be honest – there will be 100s more of these in my life. So give me some time and you’ll be sure to see a whole family of Inaris.

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