Makes: a summery Maya top

Marilla Walker maya top

So, it turns out I totally cave under peer pressure.

This here has become one of my favourite makes from me-made May.

Not bad, right?

Marilla Walker maya top

But, if you follow along on Instagram, you’ll know I wasn’t always quite so sure. Heck, at the start I was 50% sure I would be sending this top (made using Marilla Walker Maya top pattern) to a charity shop.

So, what happened to change my mind? 

Well, I posted this to Instagram as part of my me-made-May challenge. I was practically minutes away from sending it away.

But then, people started saying lovely things. Really kind things.

And then all those things that bothered me at the start (the large buttons, the shoulder pleats) started looking OK. And then they started looking even better than OK. They started looking pretty awesome.

I love the way that’s happened. And now, this is one of my favourite summery tops (seen here in sunny Lisbon).

Marilla Walker maya topThank you lovely people of Instagram.

Has that ever happened to you – about to throw something on the ‘to donate’ pile, and then had your mind changed?

Pattern: The Maya top by Marilla Walker – it’s a top, or a dress, with or without central buttons running down the front.

Fabric: I used two fabrics I had in my stash: a medium weight cotton (that I’m pretty sure used to be a bed sheet) and some quilting cotton I bought when it was on sale at John Lewis.

Marilla Walker maya top

What changes did you make to the pattern or construction?

I followed Marilla’s excellent instructions, including French seams and lovely wide facings. She’s included the most delicious finishing, including really wide facing that’s stitched down to create a nice decorative effect.

Marilla Walker maya top

Now here’s where I went a bit off piste. I made up the top following the instructions, but found it was way to big on me – especially around the shoulders (one day I will learn how to select the right size, one day).

I couldn’t quite face the idea of redoing all those French seams and beautiful facings, so I decided to gather the excess fabric around the shoulders into a pleat, one on each side. I want to sure at first, but now I’m really digging the look.

It’s business on the top, party on the bottom. Awesome.

Marilla Walker maya top

What are you most proud of?

I used 5 covered buttons to finish off the make, which has basically taught me that I need to make more things with covered buttons. Those things are amazing.

What will you do differently next time?

I cut a size 3 based on my measurements, but it came out way too big (hence all the alterations mentioned below). I’d definitely be tempted to size down next time.

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