Simple Gatherings: how to make a killer elderflower mojito

How to make a killer elderflower mojito | Randomly Happy

Guys, I am so excited. Not only have I got an easy summer cocktail recipe for you but I’ve gone and made my very first video. With music. And editing. And a lovely leading lady.

I can’t take all the credit. I was lucky enough to squeak onto Postspro‘s video workshop* run by Michelle and Tim – a very talented duo. They managed to take me from clueless to clued up in one day. With only just my ipad for filiming.

And, yes, that is my thumb in quite a few of my photos. I guess it felt it had too much star quality to stay behind the scenes. Can I get away with it by saying it gives the whole video a homemade quality?

*Full disclosure: I paid full price and it was worth every penny.


How to make a killer elderflower mojito


You will need:

juice of 1/2 lime
2 ounces st germain (an elderflower spirit)
tonic/soda water
handful of mint leaves

Optional: 1 ounce of rum

To Make:

1. Squeeze lime juice into an empty glass. Add 2 ounces of st germain. Add rum (optional).

2. Pour in tonic/ soda water to fill the glass.

3. Slightly bruise the mint leaves by crushing them between your fingers. Add these to the glass.

4. Decorate with lime wedges, stripy straws, etc. And enjoy the minty, limey, elderflower goodness.

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