3 tips to help you buy amazing fabric online

3 tips to help you buy amazing fabric online| Randomly Happy

Buying fabric online can be a tricky business. It can so easily go wrong. You could spend your hard earned cash only to end up with metres of unloved fabric sitting in your stash. I know, I’ve been there.

But you know what? I also think buying fabric online is one of the best things. Ever.

I’ve been buying fabric online for ages. It started off when I just couldn’t find what I wanted in the local shops (they sure do love quilting cotton in Cambridge). And now I do about 75% of my fabric shopping online.

I love the choice you get online. There are literally thousands of places to buy fabric. Plus, you can get some real bargains.

But it’s not all easy sailing. Buying fabric online needs a bit of extra care. So to help you on your online fabric buying travels, you can find my top three tips below.

Have you got your own tips to buying fabric online? Or maybe your have a stellar shop you would recommend? Share, share away!

3 tips to help you buy amazing fabric online

1. Do your research

So you have your pattern and you want to get stuck in pronto. I get it. But really, it’s worth holding on a sec.Take a little time to see what other people have done with the same or a similar pattern. What fabrics did other people use? Do you like how they came out?

You can research patterns via Pinterest (I search using the name of the pattern I’m making) or there’s the Sewing Pattern Review site which has a handy review for patterns including the type of fabric used.

2. Get friendly with fabric

If you know your fabrics, it’s going to be much easier to find what you’re looking for and to know if it will work for your project. That’s why I think it’s really important to get to know the different fabrics that are out there.

For that very reason I have this book on my wish list. A whole book of fabric. Is it sad that I think that sounds amazing?

3. Order a sample

This should be totally obvious right, but I spent a good few years never ordering samples. I know, crazy days.I can’t tell you how many times I thought I’d save money by skimping on ordering samples. But too many times the fabric would arrive and it would be a slightly different colour or the wrong weight. My stash has a few too many reminders of mistakes like this.

Guys, order samples. It’ll save you money in the end.

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  • I like what this article mentions about doing research about the fabrics. I think this is a very important part of purchasing fabric as getting the right material is crucial. I’ll have to keep this in mind when looking at different types for my projects.

  • For the past few years I have purchased most of my notions from Nancy’s Notions. Then I decided to be brave and ordered some fabric. The hand was just what I wanted, the color from either the catalog or online was consistent with what I was looking for, and I never before been the recipient of such friendly and extremely knowledgeable service. If they don’t know an answer they try to find it for you. Their return policy is wonderful. Give it a try and I hope you have the same pleasant experience with them that I have enjoyed and appreciated.

  • The specially curated precut offered at Material Things Fabrics are all high quality quilting cotton. I take great care to only offer good quality at economical prices with free shipping. I never thought of offering samples for purchase. Great suggestion.