The key to a successful capsule wardrobe: team players

So the thing that just surprises me constantly about capsule wardrobes and living with less, is just how much there always is to discover​.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already know I’ve been knee deep in a minimalist wardrobe challenge (you can read more about my first time taking part here) and about halfway through I had a this massive realisation. I found a whole new way of looking at the pieces in my wardrobe which has helped me relook at what I wear, what I make, and what I buy.


the key to a successful capsule wardrobe is all about using team players. Read more on Randomly Happy


It’s all about team players.

OK. It may not seem like much, but hear me out.

I realised during this challenge that there are some pretty special items that work with everything – I call them the team players. I think we all have team players in our wardrobe – you know the ones, those items that totally LOVE hanging out with anything else in your closet. No effort. No hassle.  No questions asked.

The total opposite of a team player is any item that has rules attached to it. Like it can only be worn with that dress, or those shoes, or after you’ve lost weight.

And who has time for rules?

At the beginning of the challenge I had a mix of total team players and absolutely not team players. Those team players made getting dressed so much easier. And made it more fun. I guess it kinda makes sense, right, if everything works together you’re more free to mix, match and make all sorts of combinations. But, boy, did it really made those non-team players stand out.

And because sharing is caring, here’s a round up of my top team players and how the heck they worked magic.

the key to a successful capsule wardrobe is all about using team players. Read more on Randomly Happy

Top Wardrobe Team Players
Shirt dress

I think this has to be my single biggest team-player. It’s casual but smart. I can wear this as is, or tuck it into jeans, or layer it with a sweater or cardigan. Basically it’s the M.V.P. of team-players.

I made this up using Closet Case kalle dress pattern and crepe from Sew Over It.

A great pair of jeans

A given for most of us, right? Even I, generally not much of a jean girl, still feels the pull of a good pair of jeans.

And you know what? This simple, unassuming pair of jeans – they’ve probably been the most difficult item in my closet to get right. I spent 9 months looking for the right pair (fitted waist, semi-relaxed fit, light blue) trying on at least 3 dozen pairs. And finally I found this pair by Kiomi for £3 in my local charity shop. Cue clouds parting and angels singing.

Long line cardigan

It’s all about the layers for me and what I love about long line cardigans (compares to just regular cardigans) is that they look so darn effortless and current. Plus they layer great over dresses and jeans and can be belted in a pinch to look a bit more pulled together.

I made this cardigan using Muse Pattern’s Jenna cardigan as a base. The ribbed fabric comes from

A great skirt

I threw this skirt in at the last minute. I totally had another skirt planned, but at the last minute I was so underwhelmed by my choice that I just knew I had to make a change to something fun and more flexible.

This little mini is my skirt spirit animal. Fun and easy going with some mod details. It’s a Grainline moss mini made up in a no-nonsense black drill.

A perfect sweater

The key to team player status is that you should be able to layer it with other clothes. Anything too diva-y (too tight, odd neck, unflattering length) is going to rule it right out of the team player category.

This Madewell sweater comes secondhand via eBay. It’s swingy, layers over everything and I can tuck it in a pinch if I need something more fitted.


Of course these are my perfect team players. But maybe you might have different ideas? Or maybe you’ve got your own thing you’ve discovered about your wardrobe through a challenge that you think is worth sharing?

the key to a successful capsule wardrobe is all about using team players. Read more on Randomly Happy

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  • This post was a lot of fun to read! I have the Kalle pattern (just arrived today!) and I love yours- I’m making that next. Heather Lou just released this pattern right in the middle of my shirt making extravaganza which I’ve been on for about 3 months. I realized one day I didn’t own one single shirt and it used to be a garment I wore all the time! I don’t know whatever happened to my shirt love but I’m on it 🙂 I laughed at your clouds parting angels singing at finally sourcing the perfect pair of jeans and WHERE of all places? A thrift shop for some ridiculously low cost! Indeed it was a well-deserved reward for all your hard work 🙂

  • I have quite a few non-team players lurking in my closet…. My love of loud printed t-shirts has come back to bite me in the butt😂 That’s something I’m hoping to remedy this year during me made may- weed out those those cheeky unmixeable pieces and sew up a few uber versatile ones. Solids and stripes here I come!

  • I love how you’ve remixed the cake vs icing debate and updated it! I think part of my problem is that my team players are always the same and I need to branch out a little. Jeans and a tee are my go to. I don’t remember the last time I braved a dress in the UK. Maybe I need to have another try at them.

  • Great insights you have there and I can’t agree more on the long line cardi and also that skirt! I’m going to be checking out the grainline moss skirt right now!