How to make an easy moon cushion

Sew an easy DIY moon pillow | Randomly Happy

So I’ve got a bit of a confession to make. I have been stalking knitted cushions for Aurelio’s nursery. I’ve been stalking them obsessively.

I stroke knitted cushions in shops. Pin them on Pinterest. Stare at them in shop windows. It’s a pretty serious situation.

But the thing is I can’t seem to actually bring myself to part with the cold hard cash needed to buy one. They’re awesome (especially this one), but they sure ain’t cheap.

How to sew an easy DIY moon cushion | Randomly Happy

Plus, I’m a crafty lady (or so I tell myself) so I thought I’d have a go at making one myself – inspired by this poster.

I pretty much had everything on hand – an old cashmere sweater that didn’t ever quite suit me, fabric paint, some scrap fabric for the back, and some toy stuffing leftover from this project.

How to sew an easy DIY moon cushion | Randomly Happy

All I needed to buy was the felt for the (rather awesome) moustache and eyes. Game, set, match.

And honestly, the best thing was, this only took 20 mins from start to finish. Including decorating the face. Not bad, right?

How to sew an easy DIY moon cushion | Randomly Happy

It’s going to live next to this geometric cushion I made a while back. I think they’re going to get on very well. Very well indeed.

If you fancy making one yourself (who doesn’t need a moon pillow in their life?) – find the instructions below.

PS and how amazing is this IKEA hack of the same poster? You could have a whole room full of moons. Which would be weird. Or awesome (or weirdly awesome).

How to sew an easy DIY moon pillow

You will need:

A round cushion or toy filling

Fabric – I used two different fabrics, an old sweater and a polka dot chambray I had in my stash

fabric paint

Felt (I used stick on felt because I was feeling lazy)

What to do:

sew an easy DIY moon pillow | Randomly Happy

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