Maker Capsule Wardrobe series: focused inspiration

Maker Capsule wardrobe series - how to nail what works for you. Free planner to help you nail down what will work for you.

So in my last post in the maker capsule series I let you in on the secret to finding your way to a successful wardrobe – by nailing down what works for you. Made a lot of sense didn’t it?

This week I wanted to talk you through my next step in the process – finding inspiration.


But I already know how to find inspiration, don’t I?

Well, yes of course you do. But building a capsule wardrobe is more than just throwing together a bunch of things that look pretty together and hoping they stick.

It’s about spending time on yourself, working out what’s going to work for you and what you will enjoy wearing.


Gathering Inspiration – start big

How I plan my way to a better me-made wardrobe | using just Pinterest and my bullet journal | Get the deets on Randomly Happy

Go big or go home, eh?

I think it’s always best to really just start from a place of real openness. Gathering as many inspirational images regardless of how practical they are.

There’s the obvious places to look for inspiration: Pinterest, magazines, blogs, Instagram. But you might also want to consider movies or tv shows. And even, wait for it, real life people.

Gasp! 🙂

To be fair, inspiration is everywhere, so you’ll want to find a way to gather ideas that works for you. Maybe it’s a Bullet Journal or a mood board or pictures on your phone. I use a Pinterest board (called Style Inspiration – which you can see here) to store all my ideas just because I find it the place I use the most for inspiration.

At this point you shouldn’t worry about editing – just focus on gathering ideas. Anything that grabs your eye goes.

Go to town my friend!


OK, so I’ve got lots of ideas, now what?

Now if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a whole lot of looks you like drawn from different places. None of which will really look like promising capsule wardrobe solutions (full linen skirts next to jogging bottoms next to vintage kimonos).

Bit overwhelming, eh? Well this next step will help you pull it all together in one place.

How I plan my way to a better me-made wardrobe | using just Pinterest and my bullet journal | Get the deets on Randomly Happy

Start a new space to save all your absolutely favourite looks. This is going to be your dedicated Capsule Wardrobe space. It can be the same medium you used to go big (bullet journal, pinterest) or somewhere new. I currently use a Pinterest board (called Handmade Wardrobe Style – which you can see here).

So maybe you’re wondering at this point why I use two steps.

Good question!

I used to just edit down my main style board, but I found I lost a lot of good inspiration and would have to start from scratch every time I decided to tweak my style. Sub ideal. So now I keep two boards, adding to my big inspiration board all the time and editing my capsule board when I’m looking to change things up.


OK, but how do I filter?

Once you’ve set up your dedicated Capsule Wardrobe space the next step is to filter down all that lush inspiration into looks you know will work for you. You know, the ones that actually speak to the activities in your life that we talked about in the last post.

I find these key questions help me really understand if a look should make the cut:

  • Does this look fit in with my key activities? (no cocktail dresses for the school run)
  • Would I feel at-ease wearing this doing my activities?
  • Would I feel like my best self wearing this?

If you think yes to all three then add it. If not, then maybe put it to one side for another time.

So, for me, sure I love the look of a full skirt and button down shirt, but is it going to work for me? Nope. But a midi skirt might work for me with a semi fitted tee.

Tips on how you can craft a more meaningful wardrobe - helping you to a happier wardrobe and living well with less | via Randomly Happy

Have a go at setting up your own separate space for capsule wardrobe inspiration and see where it takes you.

You might step back from time to time and notice if there are any patterns emerging or if anything’s missing. The main thing is to just give it a go and see where you get to as you really start to focus your inspiration (the juicy bit happens next time when we start to really break down the key elements and find those key pieces).

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  • I can’t thank you enough for this post Elena! It was inspiring, great guidance and motivating all at once. I’ve had a pinterest board (well a couple actually) for about a year (I think as I was reading the Curated Closet) but you’ve inspired me to start another one, “My Handmade Wardrobe Style” (I pinned a couple of YOUR pins too by the way!) as a way to distill it down to WHAT actually works for me AND I’d like to make. I made up a list yesterday in my calendar book for 2018 (have you seen Elise’s Get to Work Book? I used it for the first time last year and just bought one for 2018 – it’s fabulous – and honestly I have NO reason to promote her work other than I love it 🙂 ) of what I would like to accomplish in my sewing next year. It’s a combination of what I need, wear, how I’d like to challenge myself and thinking about my evolving style as well. To say your post is timely is an understatement 🙂

  • Feeling excited about this! I’m happily Pinterest-ing away, but hope to actually follow through with making a decent capsule rather than buying/fast fashion. Thank you for keeping me on my toes and inspired!

    • Yay! So glad you’re feeling excited. Definitely think it’s worth planning out your wardrobe – even if you buy your things. Saves so much time in the mornings – and I can honestly say I hardly ever have those ‘i have nothing to wear’ days 😄