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I’m not usually one for new years resolutions. It feels like so much pressure, doesn’t it? I almost kinda make a point of not making resolutions.

But sometimes you can’t help stopping to think about what you’re doing. And I’ve been thinking a lot recently about sewing and spare time and quality time.

So this year I’m sorta going to break my own rule.I’ve come up with a plan for 2016, a goal for how I’d like my 2016 sewing to play out. Maybe you’re thinking of something similar.

Whether it’s because of a busy life or bambinos, I don’t think many people have much time to sew. I guess most people are sensible. They might only do a few projects over a year, but not me. Oh no sir.

handmade wardrobe sewing resolution

You see, my 2016 plan is to sew with intention.

No, I run on full speed, trying to cram in as much sewing as I can whenever I get the chance. This means I’ve been getting into the habit of sewing r-e-a-l-l-y quickly. Most times that’s been OK, but sometimes a disaster happens.

Like a week ago. I was desperate to get a sweater made up for Christmas so ordered some suitable looking fabric without ordering a sample. When the fabric came the fibres were just way too artificial to wear next to my skin. But instead of taking a breather and thinking things through, I just plowed on.

Rushing to get the sweater finished, I didn’t even notice that I cut the fabric in the wrong direction – so there was absolutely 0 stretch. Imagine how much fun that was – wearing a tight, overly-artificial fabric next to the skin. Yeah, you guessed it, not nice.

I don’t need to tell you how utterly disappointing it is to spend all that time and creative energy on something that just ends up straight in the bin.I love sewing my own wardrobe and want to keep it up in 2016, but I also want to take the time to really enjoy my makes. Not just charge through to fill my wardrobe.

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I hope that if I slow things down and really enjoy the experience of sewing I’ll make less mistakes and sew more things that I love to wear. Plus I can really get down and nail some classic techniques (like FBAs and top class finishing).

What about you? Are you in the habit of sewing too much, too quickly? Do you find that wears you out? Or are you more measured? Maybe you have other goals you want to work on in 2016?

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  • I wish I sewed with intention more! And listened to my instincts about using the wrong fabric. I can't be sewing a project for too long otherwise I lose interest so I end up just trying to complete it as fast as I can!
    I think my resolution will be to try sew the gaps in my wardrobe instead

    • Man there is nothing worse than using the wrong fabric. I'm guilty of that – usually because I don't order swatches and just plough on regardless.

      I'm also hoping to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe – have you come across Un-Fancy? It's a great blog for discussing wardrobe basics. I've been obsessing over it all month!

  • I don't sew fast enough! I spend more time thinking about sewing, patterns, and fabric than I spend at my machine. My biggest weakness is getting bogged down in learning the best way to do everything. I don't want to make things I won't wear, which is a legitimate concern to be sure, but I use it to justify procrastinating online reading tutorials instead of just practicing sewing! So my goal this upcoming year is to make a plan, and then actually follow through on it–to turn my intentions into actions.

    • It's a tricky one isn't it? Sew too slow and you get nothing done. But sew too fast and you probably don't actually get the best finish.

      I guess it's a balance, right? But I know I definitely could learn to take a lesson from you!

  • This is a great goal! I also tend to want to do everything really fast. And often the results are not great. I just have so many things I want to make that it can be hard to slow down. Happy new year! and good luck with your goal! 🙂

  • My resolution is to sew more for myself this year. My daughter's wardrobe is bursting at the seams and she only tends to wear a handful of these clothes anyway so why bother making things that won't get worn? Instead I'll focus on my needs 🙂 The only downside is clothes for me require more yardage.

  • My goal is to make a jacket and pair of jeans at some point in the year, and take my time with the projects and try to do a good job. I've made plenty of dresses and tops (and I'm sure I'll make some more this year), but I want a bigger challenge with a -hopefully- more satisfying result.

  • I'm going to do lots of fun sewing this year and fill my wardrobe with casual dresses and skirts. My holiday wardrobe needs refreshing – I couldn't justify sewing summery stuff as I have far too many RTW. Now they are looking tired so time to get sewing. I like your sewing with no intention goal.