Simple Gatherings: make a fun party christmas pinata

Randomly Happy | Christmas pinata how to

Randomly Happy | Christmas pinata how to

I love pinatas. I’m constantly trying to weave them into my life. Recently I was thinking how pinatas would be perfect for livening up Christmas. They would certainly improve a dull office Christmas party, and come Christmas day they would make the perfect distraction – keeping little ones busy while waiting for the turkey to be ready.

I know you might not think making your own DIY pinata is worth the effort, but  it’s actually easier than you’d think. Even full of a terrible cold I was able to knock this out yesterday afternoon, covering the whole pinata with it’s crepe paper fringe while watching a particularly mindless Christmas movie.

I love the star, but how awesome would a tree covered in green crepe paper look? Fun, festive, and full of candy. What’s not to love?

Randomly Happy | Christmas pinata how toRandomly Happy | Christmas pinata how to

Make a fun party christmas pinata

You will need:

thick cardboard (I used an old computer box)
fillers and treats (like confetti, candies, and chocolates)
gold crepe paper

Randomly Happy | Christmas pinata how to

1. Trace out your main shape onto cardboard.

2. Cut your shape out twice, and also cut strips of cardboard about 10cm wide to go around the outside of the shapes (I was just about to cut them in this photo). If you’re using thickish card (like I was) you might want to score the shape so that it breaks easier – unless you want people going for hours, in which case leave as is!)

3. Using tape, attach the strips of card to one shape.

4. Cut a small hole in the top of your pinata. Tread through some ribbon and tape this down so it holds the weight of the pinata. Fill with treats and fillers.

5. Now it’s time to ‘close’ your pinata. Attach the other shape to the cardboard strips using tape.

6. Time to decorate! Cover your whole pinata with crepe paper that you’ve cut into fringes. Start from the bottom and wrap the fringed crepe paper around the shape, making sure that the layer you’re sticking on overlaps the layer underneath.

7. For more detailed instructions see any of Jordan Ferney’s DIY pinata how tos

8. String up and knock the heck out of it!

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