Planning a handmade spring wardrobe

It’s a strange time of the year isn’t it? It’s not quite warm enough to bust out those summer dresses, but – and I think we can all agree on this – tights and bulky jackets are getting pretty boring.

And, so with the weather surely on the turn I’m really itching to get a few things sewn up to get my handmade wardrobe ready for warmer weather. Unfussy, feminine clothes that can see me through spring and maybe even into summer.

To try and make my makes more in line with my capsule wardrobe yearnings I really leaned hard on my Pinterest board for inspiration and tried to make sure my makes matched my inspiration. I stole this cracking idea for mockups from the lovely, and ever-inspirational Katie.

See what you think…

All sorts of juicy details on my handmade capsule wardrobe sewing plans, including inspiration | Randomly Happy

The tops.

Let’s start with the tops. The two tops are pretty basic – grey and white tees – but I’m thinking of adding interest by using slightly textured fabric and some solid patterns. I’d like a grey tee using Hey June’s Union Street tee pattern made up in some thickish, grey melange jersey I bought from Ditto fabrics.

I’d also like to make another Named Clothing Inari cropped tee in some delicious white French terry from Girl Charlee. If you haven’t made something out of french terry then you haven’t lived. Snuggly and slouchy, it’s the prefect material for casual makes.

The dress.

I’ve been obsessing over Fancy Tiger Craft’s fen dress since it was released and finally have found a way to work it into my life. I found this fun rayon-acetate print on a trip to Walthamstow market. I love the random print and the fact it looks like a cross between an eye and a leopard’s spot. It was a bargain at something like £3 a metre. I really like the drape and think it will sew up nicely.

The bummer is that the fabric feels horrible. Just not nice next to the skin and super staticky. But I love the print and really want to make it work. So I’m going to have to line the dress to make it wearable. No biggie.

I’m planning on making the lining by cutting out lining pieces using the front and back bodice, and then slightly modifying the skirt pieces – reducing the width at the waist to eliminate the gathers, since I won’t need gathers for the lining. Plus, no one wants to add extra bulk around their middle if they can avoid it, right?

I think it will make a really interesting dress. Probably the biggest question though, is if this shape will suit me. I prefer shapes that are a little more fitted and the fen is a simple, pull-on-over-your-head and go kind of dress. I love the idea of it, and those lovely scoop pockets. I just hope it loves me back.

Watch this space. It’ll either be tears or whoops of joy.

All sorts of juicy details on my handmade capsule wardrobe sewing plans, including inspiration | Randomly Happy

The Jeans.

After my success with my Jamie jeans I’m keen to jump back in there and make another pair.

I wanted to switch up the pattern and try a more traditional pair. I’ve heard so many good things about Closet Casefile’s ginger jeans that I asked for the pattern for Christmas. And I picked up some rather lovely dark indigo denim from my visit to Walthamstow. I think they’ll make a cracking pair of jeans.

I’m particularly drawn to the mid-waisted pair Heather recently featured on her blog. A bit of extra work to adapt the pattern, but I think it’ll be bang on what I was looking for.

The Skirt.

And the skirt. I mean what can I say? A denim skirt to perfectly capture the 70s vibe which is doing the rounds? Yes please.

The pattern is the rosari skirt from Pauline Alice. A fun button down skirt pattern with a boat load of options for pockets and lengths.

I also know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this. I wore my moss mini till it literally fell apart. And this dark denim from Plush Addict will be easy to wear with lots of different colours.


These are all probably not terribly office appropriate – apart from the fen dress.

Which is a shame because I definitely need a few more simple work pieces. I’m hoping to make a pencil skirt soon to fix that problem. Maybe even one of the new Avid Seamstress dresses (have you seen those – they are gorgeous!)

I also need a few more casual, pj type bottoms. I’m thinking a quick Hudson pant in some light grey terry might do the trick nicely.

And… I’m super keen to try my hand at the Watson bra.

All sorts of juicy details on my handmade capsule wardrobe sewing plans, including inspiration | Randomly Happy

The verdict.

So, I’m a little worried. This wardrobe hardly screams spring.

It’s dark. There’s a lot of deep navy, grey and black. It’s certainly not light. And it’s certainly not airy.


But then I do think they could all work as simple base pieces and then layer more colourful pieces on top. Or am I being too optimistic? I can never tell.

I have quite a few lighter fabrics in my stash just waiting to be paired with something more substantial. And I’ve already got a few plans to make some tops to mix in (like the Beatrix by Made by Rae, and the Maya top by Marilla Walker).

So have you got any Spring sewing plans? Are you going all out in colour or sticking to a few safe basics?

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  • I’ve a whole pin interest board! My spring colours are mustard, taupe, duck egg blue, grey and black with a smattering of dusky pink (a la catwalk!). But I’ve also just bought some fabulous bronze lace-ups and now I’m desperate to find some bronze fabric!

    • What great colours Mags! Mustard and egg blue is such a nice combo. Wish I were able to head into colour more. Maybe in the summer when the weather warms up I’ll get more brave!

  • I love reading planning posts like this! I think your spring wardrobe looks great, and probably a lot more realistic in the UK than a lot of summer dresses. I haven’t done a spring planning post yet, or really thought about it, as I’m still working on my winter plans. I’m going to stop soon though and start spring/summer sewing! I just clicked your French terry link – now I want that green and grey French terry Girl Charlee have got!