DIY embelished lace and gem cardigan

I am always so gobsmacked at the lovely restyles that Lotts from Lotts and Lots can create. It’s amazing what she thinks up. And today is no exception – how amazing is this DIY?! A completely winner! So pleased she could stop on by.

Hello everyone, I’m delighted that the lovely Elena has asked me to share a re-style with you all today. Like Elena I’m a huge fan of improving what you already have in your wardrobe, with a few tweaks you can turn your “meh” items into something really special, enter the grey cardigan.

I brought this cardigan in emergency but we never quite got on; the knit was a little on the chunky side and the round neck made me feel frumpy. It was relegated to sofa days until a flash of inspiration struck (and Elena emailed) that I knew a dash of lace and some glamorous gem stones was just the ticket to turn it into something fabulous.

In just a few simple steps you can create a sparkly new cardigan that will be perfect for the upcoming winter months. This took me a couple of hours to put together, so put on your favourite film and make yourself one of these.

Thanks Elena for having me, its been so much fun creating something for you and your super readers.


DIY lace and gem cardigan

You will need:

– Cardigan (This can be either round or V neck)
– 6 Lace appliqués – I found mine on Ebay from this great shop
– A selection of coloured gem stones – I had mine in my existing stash but try your local haberdashery or Ebay
– Needle & tread
– Pins

1. Firstly arrange your appliqués around your neckline, I put two on each side of the centre so that they were “mirrored”. Once happy with the position pin and stitch into place.

2. You can either position your gems before you start to get an idea of the best arrangement or you can just sew and go (this is what I did). Starting on the right hand side of the cardi, using a needle and thread stitch each gem into place until you are happy with the coverage. If there are any spaces fill with extra gems.

Repeat on the left hand side “mirroring” the pattern.

3. Just above of the cuff of the cardi on the “top side” of the sleeve, position and stitch lace another appliqué. Repeat on the other sleeve.

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