How to take in a baggy top

I am very much in love with this colour combination. It reminds me a little of this outfit by Emerson Fry I droll over occasionally.

Seriously, I can’t get enough of it.


So, when I spotted this little vest top at a charity shop in Cornwall for the princely sum of £1.50 I felt it was fate telling me to get on board.

Sadly, it was so supremely baggy around the armhole it left nothing to the imagination.

I had a go at this easy(ish) way to take in tops by using darts to fold under excess fabric and add shape. I’d like to think it came out OK.
I’ve already eyed a few things in my pile of clothes that could do with a little dart-treatment… ill-fitting tops you’re days are numbered!

How to take in baggy tops

You will need

sewing machine




Start by trying on your top inside out. Work out where you’d like to take in the top (mine was s-u-p-e-r baggy around the arm holes).


Pull the extra fabric away from you (picture on the left) and fold over (picture on the right). You want the fabric to taper away as it goes towards the centre. Like a triangle. Congrats – you’ve just made a dart! Pin in place.

Press the dart fabric down towards the bottom of the shirt. You can see (kind of) from the picture above the the dart starts of thick at the arm hole and then gets smaller until it’s just a point.


Starting from widest end, sew towards the final point. Press again and… that’s it. You’ve got yourself a less baggy top via the magic of darts!

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