The easiest way to restyle a pleated skirt


I have a massive crush on pleats at the moment. So I was quite excited to find this russet beauty hidden amongst the rails of my local charity shop. I just had to ignore the fact that it was way too baggy on me.


So I came up with this east, simple way of taking in the skirt while still keeping the pleats. If you have a skirt that doesn’t have pleats – you may want to try this easy way to take in a skirt.


I reckon this skirt is going to be a firm part of my wardrobe this summer. Sadly, this skirt now has picked up some souvlaki smears from our trip to Crete. Maybe that will teach me to eat souvlaki on the beach at night.

Sigh. Any grease-removal tips out there?

How to restyle a pleated skirt

This easy DIY explains how you can alter the waistband of a skirt to get a great fitting pleated skirt.

1. Try your skirt on and spend some time working out the best place to take in the excess fabric of the waistband. This may be at the front, sides, or the back.

Once you decide the best place to take in the fabric of the waistband, work out how much you want to take it in. A quick way to do this is to decide where you would like the skirt to sit on your waist and alter until you get the right fit.

Make sure the excess fabric is evenly distributed between two points – either along both side seams, on either side of your spine, or around both hips. Roughly pin in place.


2. Now to pin the waist properly. Carefully fold the excess fabric on one side so that it’s on the inside of the dress. Pin.


3. To hide your alteration (optional): use the pleats on the skirt as a guide and make sure that the fold of the waistband is lined up with one of the fold of one of the pleats. Pin in place.

4. Keep the skirt right side facing out so you can see the folds of the pleats. Match your line of sewing with the folded pleat of the skirt. Using a straight stitch, sew from the top of the waist band down towards the bottom of the skirt and back up so you have a nice secure stitch holding in your folded waistband.

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