How to turn a flannel shirt into a cosy skirt

I am so excited to be kicking off the ‘Take One Trend” series with the lovely Allie fromย Meadow Rue. Based in Colorado, I just absolutely couldn’t get over her amazing restyles on her regular Sew Thrifted series. Did I mention she’s a sweetheart? ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello Randomly Happy readers! I’m Allie from Meadow Rueย and I am over-the-moon excited to take part in Take One Trend this week! I have a total crush on DIY, sewing, and repurposing thrifted clothes. And I’m seriously coveting Elena’s style. Like… majorly.

I love everything about flannel. I mean, who doesn’t? Especiallyย men dressed in it, but that’s a post forย Meadow Rue Menย that’s coming very soon. I especially love that flannel is making such a comeback this fall in all sorts of different ways.

Today? We’re putting flannel on our behinds… in skirt form. Yes, I went there. But you won’t be sorry.ย A flannel skirt is the perfect fall/winter wardrobe staple. It pairs perfectly with tights and boots. Throw a structured jacket and scarf on, and you have an outfit perfect for dinner and drinks on the town.ย If you want to wear this skirt with leggings and a sweater next to a roaring fire? Well, that would not be unheard of. Not at all.

Do you have an extra flannel shirt hanging around and about 30 minutes? Lucky you, you’re already set!ย I hope you’ll find this project as satisfying as I did! There are many more refashions in the works, so hop on over to Meadow Rue!

How toย Turn a flannel shirt into a cody skirt

You will need:

-An oversized flannel button up shirt (mine was a womens XL maternity shirt)

-Matching thread

-Enough 2″ elastic to fit your natural waist comfortably



-Sewing Machine

-Serger (not necessary, but great to have!)

Let’s get started!


Seam rip the front pockets off of the shirt.


Cut the arms off of the shirt at the seams.


Measure about 18″ ย up from the bottom seam of the shirt and cut horizontally across the shirt.


Serge the raw edge you just cut. You should now have a rectangle of fabric, with buttons running down the center


Form a circle with your elastic by placing the two ends together. Sew a straight line with a 3/8″ seam allowance, backstitching several times.


Attach your elastic to the serged edge of your skirt by pinning right sides together. Evenly space your pins around the waistband as shown in the picture above, making sure to keep the elastic’s seam centered in the back of the skirt.


Sew the elastic to the skirt with a 3/8″ seam allowance. Stretch the elastic as you are sewing to make sure that the fabric and elastic lay flat and the edges are lined up.


You’re done! Enjoy your new comfortable and cozy flannel skirt!

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