Creating the ultimate handmade capsule wardrobe

Creating the ultimate handmade capsule wardrobe | Randomly Happy

So as you might have guessed from previous posts – I’m on a bit of a mission to create a capsule wardrobe. Not only that, but I’m aiming to make as much of it as possible.

Am I crazy? Totally. This is 100% bonkers ambitious (and totally crackers considering our little bambino has decided that sleep is for wimps) but I’m just really keen for my makes to really work in the real world.

Maybe it’s a bit self-indulgent to go over my wardrobe – at the end of the day, why should you care what’s hanging in my closet? But I wanted to share with you my progress so far, and ask you for your advice.

Because that’s what friends are for, right? So here’s the progress so far:

My Mission to create the Ultimate Handmade Wardrobe

Topsmy handmade wardrobe with Hey June and Tilly and the Buttons

Lot’s of comfy knits here. I live in all of them. Even the black scuba coco is becoming a firm favourite – even though the black is maybe a bit too serious.

I think I could probably do with one or two more long or 3/4 length knits. Definitely room for a woven t-shirt or two here to get a bit more variety, no? And I totally need to add some colour.

Patterns from left to right are: Hey June union st tee (c/o Indiesew) and Tilly and the Buttons coco (x 2).

BottomsHandmade wardrobe with Grainline Studio and Sew Over It

Yup. A bit of a poor showing on the bottoms front. Just one pair of trousers and a skirt (yet to be blogged).

I really love the skirt. It’s a bit on the short side, but it works with tights and boots. Sadly, I don’t get much ware out of the trousers. Maybe it’s the colour?

I definitely need more bottoms. I think the next major challenge is going to be jeans of some description. I live in stretchy trousers at the moment and would love to make a pair like these ones from Gap.

Patterns from left to right are: Sew Over it ultimate trousers and Grainline moss skirt.


Totally missing here. Which is such a shame because b.b. (before bambino) I lived in dresses. At the moment, they’re just not practical, but I’m hoping to make a party dress for the Christmas season.

So, what’s next?


  • I’ve had my first go at making a shirt (a Grainline archer – post coming soon) and I really enjoyed making it. I’d be well keen to make another. Maybe in a navy print.
  • I’d like to add a few more coloured long sleeved knits to the mix. I’m on the look out for some nice jersey in burgundy or pink.
  • I’d also be keen to make a few woven tees. Maybe using Grainline’s scout?


  • Another few moss skirts are on the cards. I’d like to make one in burgundy and one in some sort of wool or textured material (like corduroy)
  • I’d really really like to make a fly front trouser in a stretch chino. I’ve only made one pair of trousers so far, but I do love me a fly front. Does anyone know of any patterns that might work?


  • I’m super keen to make a Papercut sigma dress for Christmas parties. I’ve picked up a faux-silk mustard fabric in Italy.
  • Then there are a few other dresses I’d like to make (even though I know they’re not going to get much ware!) I’d like to make a knit dress for work and I’m thinking of making a shirt dress, but maybe its too cold out?

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    • So true about the staples. I totally agree that I need to move away from just grey, navy and black. The brown is almost there – maybe I just need to mix in more colours?

      Great recommendation too – the named patterns look really good!

  • So in reading your last capsule wardrobe post and this one, I had to google capsule wardrobe to make sure we were on the same page. Amazing concept and I feel like I'm almost there without knowing it is a "thing"… While I own a sewing machine I feel a little intimidated to add pieces I've made myself, but your items certainly are sources of inspirarion!

  • Have you tried wearing some button down dresses? They're no idea but you can always cover up with a scarf or shawl or something while feeding. I missed dresses too for a while and found this a good compromise. Zoe

  • Ciao, Elena!

    I am in love about this subject. I really want to make a capsule wardrobe. I will travel to Paris and London in January and I am wondering about carrring a suitcase full of handmade clothes.

    After your post, I read the "wardrobe architect course" from Colette. Wow! It made me think about a lot of things as silhouettes, colours, etc. And stop making clothes that I will never wear, as cute tops made by quilting cottons.

    I made the Ultimate Trousers too and loved it! I also made the Ultimate Shift Dress from Sew Over It. It is a nice pattern for a capsule collection.

    That´s it!

    Viviane Basile

    • Look at you, you fancy traveller! I love the idea of travelling with a handmade wardrobe – so chic!

      I loved that Colette course. Really made me think. I too was making too many pretty, but ultimately not really wearable clothes.

      How did your shift dress come out? Would love to see it!

  • I think you are doing amazingly well considering you just had a baby!

    I would definitely recommend the Grainline Scout. I made a version with a pleat front to allow extra volume which makes it a great top for feeding in (sorry if that's presumptuous but I'm guessing you are BFing too since you are not wearing dresses! 😊). Jen also has a tutorial for making a swing back version which I fancy. Make them in drapey fabrics though to avoid them feeling too boxy.

    How about the Ginger Jeans for bottoms? You could always omit the rivets etc to make them more trouser like.