Simple Cooking: super easy coconut lime pancakes

Randomly Happy | easy coconut lime pancakes

Now, I don’t want to jinx anything, but I do think Spring has finally arrived in merry ol’ England. OK, maybe not completely, but still, at least there’s some colour in the trees. And, well, I think that’s something to celebrate.

And I like to celebrate happy occasions with pancakes.

Randomly Happy | easy coconut lime pancakesRandomly Happy | easy coconut lime pancakes

These pancakes have actually been on my mind since our January shenanigans in Australia. We had these delicious gluten-free pancakes at an outdoor cafe in the Rocks district in Sydney (you can read more about those adventures┬áhere). And I think when a food has been on your mind for a while, it’s worth nailing that recipe down.

These were so easy it’s not even worth giving you a recipe. I just substituted light coconut milk for milk in my favourite pancake recipe (here), added some lime zest and lime juice, cooked as normal, and chowed down. If you want it to be 100% gluten free I reckon you could substitute coconut flour for regular flour (and it might be even better… hmm… something to try?).

Randomly Happy | spring

And just to prove it really is Spring, here is my favourite snap from the weekend – taken on a walk along Granchester meadows over the weekend. See, there’s sun. And blue skies. Definitely spring.

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