Welcome to slow fashion October

slow fashion October

Have you guys heard of slow fashion October? I’m a bit late to the game. To be honest, I didn’t even know it was a thing until I read about it over on Katie’s blog. But it sure does sound intriguing. A whole month to focus on sewing with intention? Count me in!

The concept is pretty simple: it’s all about thoughtful makes. Focusing your creative efforts on quality over quantity. Crafting those makes with real care.

While I do love fast makes (and let’s be honest with a bambino around if you don’t sew fast, you don’t sew at all) there’s something really satisfying about making something with care.

named clothing Jamie jeans

So my own personal challenge for slow fashion October?

Well, it’s a bit underwhelming, but I’m planning on making my first pair of jeans (using this pattern). I’ve wanted to make jeans for a-g-e-s and I think going through the process slowly will really help me solidly learn some new skills, not just race through to get that finished garment high.

Let’s see if I can do it. I’m not known as a patient sewer!

What about you? Are you taking part in Slow Fashion October, or have you got other challenges you’reΒ focusing on?

Photo credits:Β Jamie Jeans | Named Clothing

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  • i love the simple dress and shirts at top of this post. do you have patterns for those or a post? Thanks,
    i just discovered your blog.

    • Hi Mel,

      Thanks for the question. They’re pretty awesome patterns, aren;t they? They’re three of my favourites. The T-shirt (far left) is the free Deer & Doe plantain tee, the dress in the centre is the Named Clothing Inari tee dress, and the top on the left is Tilly & the Buttons coco.

      I’ve blogged about all three and go into detail about the fit and ideal fabric if that would be helpful.

      Glad you just discovered the blog and hope you enjoy what you find here πŸ™‚

      Elena x