Summer sewing plans

So it’s probably super geeky, and probably most definitely somewhere on the OCD spectrum, but I’m back at it again planning out my makes for this summer.

I’ll be honest, I really found this planning super helpful last time. I am so easily distracted by new patterns and fabrics, this really helped keep my mind focused on what I wanted to make and how it would fit into my life.

So what’s on the cards…

Sharing my Summer Handmade Wardrobe plans including this sweet Republique du Chiffon dress | Randomly Happy
The dresses.

I live dresses in summer. They’re just so comfortable and easy. I can just throw on some sandals and go.

A relaxed work dress

How beautiful is this gathered, faux-wrap dress? I just think the style of it is just so effortless. A real wear-any wear dress. Republic du Chiffon’s Madeleine is pretty darn similar – and look how lovely is made up by the super talented French sewing blogger Alice (my sewing soul mate BTW).

I’d make it up a drapey fabric in a subtle pattern – like this indigo dye silk. You could totally get away with this for work, right?

A pretty strapless dress

I’m also really gunning to make the perfect strapless sundress. I’m aiming to DIY the pattern as I think it should be pretty simple (it’s just basically 4 rectangles, right?).

I’d love to make it up in a grey border anglais or even just simple grey linen. Something suitably summery that isn’t too pristine.

An easy-going summer dress

Finally, the fen-ari dress. Which has kinda already been made, so it probably shouldn’t count as being on my to-sew list, but it was on my list. I also thought you might like to see the inspiration behind it too.

Sharing my Summer Handmade Wardrobe Plans including these cracking Morgan jeans and sweet 70s peasant top | Randomly Happy
The tops.

A sweet peasant top

So I’m sort of obsessing over simple summer tops at the moment – sweet tops with delicate details, like embroidery or pin tucks.

I’d like to try something a bit 70s inspired so am planning on making a Kathy & Rose Roza top. I’m hoping I’ll be patient enough to embroider since detail down the front panel in blue thread. How sweet would that be?

Another strappy cami

And I am so impressed by my navy crepe cami that I really must make one in this gorgeous teal silk I bought from The Fabric Store while I was out in Sydney. Mmm… Silky teal goodness.


So, I never did manage to get anywhere with my plans to make a pair of gingers. And then Heather went and released her Morgan jeans and I’ve basically found a new obsession. These really need to made in distressed, light coloured denim. Worn with a slouchy tee and Birkenstocks. Um, hello summer.

My Mamma/stash-enabler bought some of this denim when we were in Nimes from the mother of all French chain fabric store – Mondial Tissus (aka my single biggest reason for being jealous of the French – well along with their steady access to fresh croissants).

It’s not quite the right mid to light denim shade I’m looking for so I’m going try some distressing/lightening. I need to get the lightening and distressing right, so if anyone has any tips for distressing and lightening denim then, well, I’d basically just love you forever if you shared.

I also really, really love the Birkin flares, so if the jean gods are with me I’ll try and get a pair of these made up in a perfect 70s mid denim color.


How epic are these trousers? I have a vintage 70s pattern I swiped from my mamma’s stash that are going to be perfect for this.

I’m not sure I’m bold enough to carry off yellow trousers, but a bright (ish) blue linen I can manage.

I’ve already started on the muslin/tuille fabric in a sweet summery gingham. So far I’ve worked out the fit by basting and adjusting. Now just need to insert the zip, and if all works well, I’ll have 2 epic new me-made trousers by the end of the summer. Score!

And that’s me. Hopefully not too boring.

I’m really digging blues at the moment (can you tell?) which isn’t terribly colourful, but I’m hoping a few thoughtful RTW bits (like a necklace, belt and/or cardigan) in rust, yellow or pink will help brighten things up.

I’d also really like to make another ultimate knit shift dress, and a few bits for work (skirt and shirt) and, I’d really love a go at the Sophie swimsuit (you can see my pattern test here).

Hmm… might just need to clone myself here. But, hey, ambitious is good, right? 🙂

Have you got any summer sewing plans? Do you plan out your makes, or are you more a fly by the seat of your pants player?

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  • I’m very impressed with your sewing plans and think it’s a great idea, I’m more of a wing it and hope kinda girl, mainly because I change my mind so often, practical tops are on my to do list but I get distracted easily and want to sew easy floaty dresses (trouble is the weather here in England is not cooperating!!) I think your diy dress will come out amazing and I’m temped by the fen-ari and a simple (poss bias) cami has been on mind for ages but keeps getting pushed back. Maybe I should write list and see what happens

    • I totally get distracted too! I guess I’m just trying to be a bit more considerate about what I buy and what I make. I’d definitely recommend getting a list – it totally helps me focus on makes that I know I’ll wear and need!