Top 5 things I’d like you and I to get out of this blog. Or… my first post.

Welcome to Randomly Happy and all the potential fun that follows.

I’ve been toying around with the idea of starting a blog for a while now. I know there’s zillions of them out there. Why does the world need another? But I like life, and I like to share things with people.And ultimately, I hope this blog will push me to be more creative. Maybe you’ll feel like being more creative too.

So it’s probably just my parents and a few put-upon peeps that will be coerced into reading this. But hey, I promise to try and be funny. And make you laugh. And I’ll buy you a coffee the next time we go out.

And at least I’ll be taking more photos and getting a bit more use out of my sewing machine.

Top 5 Things I’d like us to get from this blog

  1. Celebrating the things that make us happy. Not in a life-affirming, let’s all dance around and be free. But just a simple blog featuring some things that make us randomly happy. Like good food. Nice places. Maybe a few easy ideas to steal.

2. Being a bit more creative. Making time for projects that have been sitting on the shelves getting dusty. Or basking in the glow of projects that we’ve successfully completed and are proud of.

3. Sharing things with people. Maybe getting some DIY inspiration, learning new skills, or gleaning a great tip about a good cafe in Paris, and passing it on.

4. Hopefully meeting a few like-minded people who like to be creative too. And like coffee. And like to share.

5. Actually finishing projects within a decent space of time (OK that’s probably just for me).

So that’s that. You’ll probably have guessed that I’m a fan of top 5 lists. I have a few stored up in my head… maybe stick around to see if they’re any good.

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