Why hello there 2015

Why hello there.

No need to tell you its been crazy busy round these parts the past month: Christmas with all the families. A very cute, but ever-active bambino. A bought of the most evilest, foulest tonsillitis ever. Figuring out how the heck I will manage to go back to work and function as a normal, working grown up.

All of which equals 0% time for blogging.

I have the most ridiculous back log of posts and projects I want to share with you, but you know, January inย England + photography. It just isn’t happening.

So while we’re waiting for the sun to shine, I wanted to share with you my plans for a fruitful, sewing-filled 2015.

Handmade Wardrobe

I’d like to continue to build on my handmade wardrobe. Which is pretty tiny at the moment, so it shouldn’t be too hard to build it up. I have my eye on a few patterns that should turn into TNT (tried and tested patterns) including Papercut Pattern’s Sigma dress, Sew Over It’s ultimate shift dress, and Grainline’s archer (which I’ve already attempted in lovely peach cotton).

(p.s. have you seen Jen’s sketchesย of her wardrobe planning? Such a cool way to plan out your makes. If only I could draw!)

Make beautiful insides

I am seriously obsessed with the beautiful insides of Katie’s makes. There is seriously no way I would e-v-e-r show you the insides my makes. It’s just a horrible nest of threads and wonky finished seams.

But what a way to show respect for your makes by finishing them properly, right? Makes it all a bit more lady like. And 2015 is all about feeling like a lady.

Challenging patterns

This is the year of the challenging pattern.

I’ve got the pattern for Jamie Jeansย ready to go. I’d also like to try my hand at a spring coat (still looking for a pattern) and the bombshell swimsuit by Closet Case Files is v-e-r-y tempting.

So what projects have you got planned for 2015? Are you hoping to stretch your skills, or are you after tried and tested projects?

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